Anonymous asked: I 💖 You 😩🙈
bornonvenus replied:

I love you more, I’m so exhausted from track today, I’ma go off to bed until tomorrow

Goodnight everyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3

Anonymous asked: EDD ED N EDDY! *Jazzy theme music.*
bornonvenus replied:

I love that show :’D

Anonymous asked: Why does she call you b.o.v? Everyone call you graham lol
bornonvenus replied:

I don’t knowww it’s so funny :’D

Anonymous asked: Those Lilo & Stitch messed me up Graham
bornonvenus replied:

I know I know.. it messed us all up 

Anonymous asked: I imagine you and I watching The Misadventures of Flapjack while eating cookies and ice cream, and pizza from your favorite pizza parlor, as we cuddle on the couch and you whisper sweet nothings in my ear... How did you like that? I'm gonna be a writer after I graduate btw, lol.
bornonvenus replied:

Sounds amazing to me :’]

Anonymous asked: every boy I talk to, talks to a buncha girls at the same time and makes me feel like they like me. but I'm so far side lined D; and they don't even date, they just feel they're way around girls. they always ask me to hangout and I'm down for it, but than they never follow trough and it makes me feel pretty shitty. l just want someone to like me for ME and ONLY me. like be loyal to me that's all I ask! :/
bornonvenus replied:

You’re not alone on this, plenty of girls go through this. It’s just a lot of boys are like that love, just be patient the right one will come 

Anonymous asked: Lol your nipples are so small! That's so weird to say but really they're tiny!
bornonvenus replied:

I know they really :’D

Anonymous asked: This guy came to my school with red eyes but he wasn't high or anything and he said he could see heaven and hell and everyone thought this dude was crazy then he said he could see colors when looking at people like their auras so we looked up what the colors meant and it actually matched people's personalities almost perfectly it was kinda scary
bornonvenus replied:

That’s sooooo creepy /.\

Anonymous asked: I want to go to Japan so badly places like Osaka are so beautiful and seem like a great place to live or visit but I need someone to go with me to share expenses
bornonvenus replied:

Omgg yes same here :”O

Anonymous asked: Name your top 5 favorite cartoons as a kid. In order from favorite to least favorite.
bornonvenus replied:

Dragon Ball Z


Misadventures of flapjack


Teen Titan 

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