Park 🌳

Anonymous asked: I'm like craving for Taco Bell &&& you ofc
bornonvenus replied:

I had a taco two days ago :D I’m so sleepy! I’ma go off to bed but first I’m going to watch the new boondocks epeisode

Goodnight everyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3

Anonymous asked: I have the new episode of the Boondocks on my DVR if you wanna come over and watch it 😏
bornonvenus replied:

I would love too >:D

Anonymous asked: Speaking about high fives when's the last time you got some
bornonvenus replied:

Some juice? Not too long ago :D

Anonymous asked: i wanna be tinkerbell so i can fly on your shoulder and put magic pixie dust on you 😂
bornonvenus replied:

Okay you can be that :]

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