Best friend so talented @kayjewelers_
Anonymous asked: You're so humble... So glad you aren't a jerk like most guys nowadays
bornonvenus replied:

Thank you love :’] But I’m off to bed now, I’m getting sleepy! Until tomorrow :D

Goodnight everyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3

Anonymous asked: So he still hasn't texted me guys tomorrow will make a week and I'll text him tomorrow or Wednesday then I guess it'll be it. I met this guy last Thursday and we kissed and all I thought of was him. I connected with the other guy I met in a loud ass crowded ass club more than I did the guy in a quiet environment and I'll miss that more than anything...
bornonvenus replied:

Maybe the one in the quiet environment will be more good to you love, but yes text him one more time & if he doesn’t budge then just move on love :/

Anonymous asked: I am currently in a relationship.I KNOW I eventually want to spend my life with this person, but I don't trust him.I feel that he's been cheating.He has a lot of girl friends.When I ask he'll flip the script.we're young; I'm in college, so I figured I should maybe end the relationship &let him do what he wants instead of putting myself in this predicament.I guess I am just afraid that he won't want to end things on good terms so we can eventually get back together.What do you think i should do?
bornonvenus replied:

Love if you honestly do not trust him, then maybe you should end things here before your in too deep & become heartbroken :/ Try to talk to him about that & if you still sense that can’t trust him then let him go 

Anonymous asked: Whenever I see a photo of you, it's like watching a porno. It turns me on so much xD Ily.
bornonvenus replied:

:’D I’m glad, Ily more :*

Anonymous asked: I really hope I meet a guy like you someday.
bornonvenus replied:

Hopefully you meet someone better :]

Anonymous asked: There's this really hot guy in my science class (gr.11) and within the past few weeks we've grown very close. Yesterday, for fun, we were talking about relationships (the usual- nice, funny, athletic). But when it came down to physical attraction he bluntly pointed out he would never date a black girl and then he said some pretty racist things... I'm black. I was so offended. I got mad at him and stopped talking to him for days. I can tell he feels bad. Do I forgive him? I really liked him too.
bornonvenus replied:

If he truly feels bad for it then yeah maybe you should.. you can always make him change his ways.. but if you truly think he doesn’t deserve a forgiveness then don’t love :/

Anonymous asked: Anon you watch too much porn , cause you know that white guy name lol . Oh shit that means I do too cause I know his name too 😔
bornonvenus replied:


Anonymous asked: If we were texting, your name would be saved in my phone as ''Gray eggs and Ham.''
bornonvenus replied:

Lmaooo good one :’D

Anonymous asked: Graham I could see you being a pornstar. Like the chocolate version of James Deen 💜💜 yaaas lort please be a pornstar
bornonvenus replied:

Lol thank you but never >:O

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